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At KTA we believe the competition environment is beneficial to a child’s development. Competitions allows students to experience the excitement of performing to an audience, while at the same time, teaching them sportsmanship, self-discipline and control. We believe these are essential, life long, transferable skills which will help the student in a variety of situations in later life. At KTA we offer all our students to get a taster for what may lie ahead with our fun and friendly Simulated Competitions. These aim to introduce students to competition in a familiar and nonthreatening environment among their friends and peers.

Once the student is ready they can begin competing at National Development Plan (NDP) competitions. The NDP is the official British Gymnastics competition pathway from grassroots to elite performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I know if my child is ready to compete?

A Students in the Tramp ‘n’ Tumble programme will be presented with a competition pass when they are ready to compete. If your child is in the competitive programme then competition is compulsory and they are required to attend a minimum of two competitions per year.

Q How do I enter a competitions

AWe have decided to take the hassle out of competition entries – by doing it for you! Now all students in the Competitive program will be automatically entered into upcoming events. All occurring charges will then be added to your families ledger and will appear on your next statement.

Nearer the event you will receive an email containing more information about the event, the timetable and start lists. Please be aware that we are unable to confirm individuals start times prior to the event. Therefore you will need to make yourself available for the whole day.

If you wish to discuss anything regarding competitions, opt out of a competition or check whether a student should enter an event please either email or call 0208 941 7083.

Q How do I purchase KTA competition kit?

ATo purchase your competition kit please call 0208 941 7083 or email Our leotards are made by Milano and we should hopefully have your size in stock. If you are unsure of your size please visit the Milano site for measurements. Please be aware it can take us up to 6 weeks to get new stock. Therefore if you need a new leotard for an upcoming competition please buy, or place an order, well in advance.

Q What happens at a competition?


General Warm-up: This is an opportunity to choose which trampoline you like best. If you would like a spotter mat held up, inform your coach before you get on the trampoline.

One Touch Warm-up: Each competitor will be called individually to warm-up their routine. The competition marshall calls your name when it is time for you to have your one touch. You should only do one routine, then get off. This routine is not judged.

Compete your routine: You will be called to complete your routine. This will be judged by the panel of judges so you must wait until the Chair of the judging panel tells you to start. If there is a delay, then just sit on the trampoline and wait for them to come over and tell you to start. You will present to the judges before and after your routine. Remember to stand still for 3 seconds after you finish.

*For the Second round you will compete your routine as you did for the First round*

Presentation: All competitors are expected to stay for the presentations held after the final routines. If you receive an award, you must go up in competition attire (KTA leotard – girls no shorts) to collect it.

Q Who do I contact in an emergency?

A If you need to contact a member of our coaching team on the day of the event please call the KTA mobile on 07717514038. Please note our team will be busy coaching at this event. If you are unable to contact them please leave a voicemail, or text message, and someone will get back in touch as soon as possible.

Female Kit

Competitive Programme
KTA Competition Leotard

DMT Programme
KTA Competition Leotard

White socks or trampoline shoes (trampoline)
DMT shoes

Male Kit

Competitive Programme
KTA Competition Leotard
White stirrups

DMT Programme
KTA Competition Leotard
Navy Shorts

White socks or trampoline shoes (trampoline)
DMT shoes

Routines & Qualification Scores

The documents underneath are for the 2016 season. Please use these as a reference.

Competition Structure
NDP Pathway Routines
Elite Pathway Routines
Range and Conditioning Routine Handout
Range and Conditioning Routine Video

Holiday Homework: Stretch-a-Long Video
Holiday Homework: Stretch-a-Long Video Handout