Staff and Coaches

All our coaches hold valid British Gymnastic qualifications, are trained in first aid and have attend child protection awareness training.

Coach Education

At KTA we pride ourselves on our highly trained, enthusiastic and committed workforce. All our coaches have been trained externally, by British Gymnastics tutors and all hold valid coaching qualifications. However, we believe that our coaches, like our students, should always be progressing and learning. This is why we have developed our own, internal, coach training programme. Within this programme our coaches are able to attend classes, forums and have access to a number of resources. We believe that the more educated our coaches become, the better tuition our students will receive.

Coach assignment/qualifications

Our philosophy is that a coaching qualification, no matter what level, does not give a complete representation of the coach’s ability, experience or standard. We need to ensure we offer a high level of tuition to our students and ensure your money is well spent. The coaches’ interaction with your children and their underlying knowledge of the sport is critical to your child’s progression. Therefore, our programme leaders only select coaches, and mentor prospective coaches, who they believe have the same characteristics, attitude and commitment as themselves. If our programme leaders believe that a lower level coach has the potential to deliver a better class for your child than a more qualified coach then they will place them accordingly. We believe in our programme leaders’ judgement, and we hope you, as a parent do too.

Admin Staff

Child Protection

Kingston Trampoline Academy knows that as a parent you want to ensure your child is being taught in a safe, controlled and encouraging environment. Therefore, we ensure that ALL our staff, coaches and volunteers undergo an enhanced DBS check and attend Safeguarding and Protecting Children training regularly. Additionally, our coaches are required to hold a first aid qualification. KTA also has three external Welfare Officers which you, as a parent, can contact if you feel you cannot approach KTA staff about an issue. This way, no matter what circumstances occur, KTA is equipped to deal with your child’s needs. As a GymMark club KTA has adopted the British Gymnastics Safeguarding Policies.


Kingston Trampoline Academy is always on the look out for enthusiastic coaches who share our vision, passion and motivation for providing great trampoline tuition. If you have a BG coaching qualification in trampoline, DMT, tumbling or general gymnastics we would love to hear from you! If you have moved to the UK and hold a qualification from your native country please feel free to contact us also. Please note you will be required to gain the relevant BG qualifications. In some cases KTA can assist in this. We ask that you send us a copy of your coaching CV. We will then send you an online questionnaire to complete.